Hi, we are &strap

Making cutting edge watch straps, truly handmade…

Early on

I am so fascinated by watches and their horology. I have always changed the look and feel of my watches by changing their straps. Later on, I found out I wasn’t alone. Ever since, I’ve dreamed about creating a team to make truly handmade and most comfortable straps. Two years later, my dream came true.


We are currently a team of four individuals who love our passion for watches and straps. Our first line of Alligator straps came out perfectly. They are truly most comfortable straps you’ll ever wear, at a price that is relatively two times lower than any other handmade straps, from known companies.

We work closely with our clients…

Within a few weeks of our online shout-out, we had a privilege of clients reaching out to us with their special needs. Whether it was a Panerai watch owner who needed pin-tubes, or it was someone with extra small or extra large wrists to whom we created special straps for.